Some people might believe that hormone imbalances only affect women. On the other hand, they are actually quite common in men as well.

Men can also experience ‘male menopause’ also called andropause, which is the period when testosterone levels reach peak decline. One of the most striking things about them is definitely the fact that they might cause some deep changes, impacting a man’s lifestyle and overall health in a negative way.

Among other issues, hormonal imbalances might contribute to mood disorders, such as depression, anxiety, and irritability. In addition to that, they might also bring about a wide range of physical problems, including lack of energy, decreased libido, and even health concerns such as heart disease and high blood pressure. Hormonal imbalance can also be traced back as the main cause of weight gain, due to the fact that it can cause the metabolism of a person to change.

Thankfully, there are some options which allow men to keep their hormones in check and improve their daily lives. It is important to lead an active lifestyle, doing physical exercises whenever possible. Even a little every day goes a long way! In addition to that, it is also important to nourish your body by eating well. Protein-rich foods are a must, and it is also important to steer clear of excessive sugars and carbs, if possible.

These lifestyle changes, as well as being aware of your hormonal balance, are both very important. However, they might not be enough to correct the issue of hormonal imbalances on their own. For this reason, many men actually resort to hormonal therapy. One of the safest, most reliable and widespread approaches is definitely bioidentical pellet hormone therapy.

Pellets are essentially some tiny implants, which are inserted under the skin of the patient. The process is very painless, easy and quick, so the pellet is not a bother for the patient. Pellets last usually around 5 months, and they release the needed intake dose of hormones on a daily basis, to help the patient achieve the stable, optimal amount of hormones needed. Each pellet therapy is designed specifically in order to accommodate the needs of the patient.

Following detailed blood flow analysis, the therapy provider is able to assess the specific needs of the customer, therefore formulating pellets that are ideal for his situation. Pellets are made using hormones which are bio-identical to the ones that exist naturally within the human body.

For this reason, they are safe to use and they do not expose the patient to any potentially harmful side effects. Pellet therapy is accessible and good for men and women who experience hormonal balance issues.

Safe, effective and relatively affordable, hormone pellet therapy is a great long-term solution, allowing men to regain their vitality, as well as improve the overall quality of their lives on a day to day basis.

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