Pellet Therapy for Women

Pellet Therapy for Women

Hormone Pellet Therapy WellingtonAs you might know, all women will experience phases of hormone imbalance through life. These are natural aspects of a woman’s life. However, hormonal balance can also happen as a result of other issues. For instance, the endocrine gland, which is responsible for the production of hormones that are then released in the bloodstream of an individual,might stop working correctly as we age.

As a result, some patients might not be able to naturally supplement their needed intake of hormones, since the body can no longer produce them in the needed amount to achieve optimal balance. A lack of balance in your hormone might cause a wide variety of issues. In particular, women are more at risk of experiencing hormonal problem, because their body has cycles that are regulated by hormones to a much higher degree than men.

Problems such as an increase in body temperature, shifting metabolism, mood disorders (such as depression, anxiety, and irritability), as well as weight gain, fatigue, thinning hair, lack of vitality and even menopausal symptoms and differences in blood flow during the period, might all be linked with hormones.

How can you fix your hormone imbalance?

There are many things that you can do as an attempt to keep your hormone in check. Women are recommended to follow a steady and complete diet, with lots of proteins and fewer sugars and carbs, if possible. Physical exercise can also help since it can keep hormonal levels in check.

Therapy can be the best suitable options in many circumstances. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is becoming increasingly popular, due to its ease of use and effectiveness.  Comprehensive testing identifies hormonal imbalances. Patients are thoroughly analyzed via a blood work and urine analysis to completely assess your hormone makeup. This enables the healthcare provider to understand exactly what the problem is, in order to tailor the therapy to the specific patient. The healthcare provider will formulate hormone pellets tailored specifically to the needs of the patient in questions. Pellets are then inserted under the skin of the patient through a painless, quick and non-invasive procedure. The pellets will then release hormones throughout the day, working every day for about 5 months.

Pellets contain hormones that are very similar to the ones that are produced naturally by your organism. This means that they are safe and devoid of harmful side effects, which are often associated with other forms of therapy, or with the use of synthetic hormones.

With the optimal hormonal balance, you will be able to lead a much healthier, rewarding lifestyle, without the symptoms that might be crippling your daily routine.

If you want to learn more about bioidentical hormone replacement pellet therapy for women, or if you have any other questions, feel free to contact HormoneLogicMD.

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