About Hormone Therapy Physicians

About Hormone Therapy Physicians

Anti-Aging Clinic

Hormone Therapy Physicians is a Anti-Aging Clinic with a specific focus on providing high-quality bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) which is an effective, natural and safer form of therapy than traditional hormone therapies.

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Bioidentical hormone therapy (BHRT) is a more natural approach to hormone therapy. It is also goes by the name of  ‘natural hormone therapy’. These hormones are identical in molecular structure to the hormones people make in their bodies.

We deliver these bioidentical hormones in the form of plant based pellets, which are small, custom-compounded therapies designed specifically for each individual. Hormone therapy isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Each service is tailored to the needs of the patients, ensuring a smooth outcome and maximizing the effectiveness of the therapy for all users.

Hormones are very important to regulate some of the most important functions and systems in your body. With age, hormonal imbalances might occur due to a switch in hormone production. Such imbalances might affect a patient’s wellness in many ways, and BHRT  can be the key to a much improved lifestyle.

As an industry leader in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, we have performed countless plant pellet insertions, with each therapy customized to the needs of every single patient.

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Hormones are incredibly important in the biology of men and women alike. In fact, they facilitate some of the most pivotal systems and functions in our bodies. Problems might occur when a person experiences hormonal imbalances, which might happen due to aging (the production of hormones changes over time) and other issues. Hormone Therapy Physicians aims to help people restore the balance of their hormones through these preparations which are an exact chemical match to those that are created in humans.

We are dedicated to provide custom therapies and maintain the highest standards of care, using state-of-the-art preparations and relying on our skilled team of professionals, with notable expertise in bioidentical hormone therapy. Through the use of BHRT, we are able to provide hormonal therapies that are specifically formulated to suit the need of each user. These plant based pellets are perfect for men and women alike who wish to alleviate the unwanted symptoms of hormone imbalance.

Who can benefit from BHRT?

Hormone Therapy Physicians offers a wide range of services to maintain sound levels of hormones.  Hormone imbalances might cause a wide range of issues. Some might appear in the form of chronic fatigue, exhaustion or general malaise. In some cases, hormonal unbalances can actually be linked to depression, diminished libido, anxiety, and other mood disorders. As you can imagine, these issues can dramatically affect the daily life of a person. BHRT can be the answer to a better routine, and Hormone Therapy Physicians can help you identify the root issues of your hormonal deficiencies. Our customized pellets are formulated with the needs of each patient in mind, which means that each therapy is utterly unique and one-of-a-kind.

Who we are

Hormone Therapy Physicians consists of an industry-leading team of physicians, hormone therapy experts and healthcare providers, who are committed to providing safe, effective, and innovative BHRT solutions to people from all walks of life. Hormone Therapy Physicians is focused on providing excellent care, as well as educating people to the benefits of hormone therapy. We are passionate about reaching out to the community and highlight the remarkable benefits of pellet therapy, which can help people regain their vitality and lead to better overall health. We have performed many pellet insertions for our patients, and we specialize in catering to the specific needs of each individual. The hormones used in our pellets are like the ones that are naturally found in the human body. This means that you won’t experience any adverse side effects, which might occur when using other types of synthetic hormones. The process is very simple. Hormone pellets are inserted under the skin through a very painless process. They dissolve rapidly into the body, allowing the individual to maintain steady hormonal levels throughout the day, every day.

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