Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

As we age, our bodies are unfortunately not always able to keep up with the production of hormones that are needed to help us lead healthy and energetic lives. As a result, people of all walks of life can experience negative effects in their wellness and daily health.

Bio-identical hormone pellet implants can help you regain more vitality, energy, and wellness every single day.

The pitfalls of hormonal imbalance.

Hormonal unbalances can affect men and women alike. Such issues can pave the way to a wide variety of problems, ranging from chronic fatigue to lack of energy, mood disorders, difficulty focusing on tasks, and more.

Hormone therapy is the best way to restore your body’s natural hormonal balance. However, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all hormone therapy! We are all different, and our hormonal needs may vary, from person to person.

This is the reason why plant based hormone pellet therapy is so handy. Hormone pellet therapy is particularly remarkable because it enables healthcare professionals to actually tailor the hormonal intake based on the needs of each patient. This means that each therapy is fully customizable, based on what the recipient needs.

Bio-identical hormone pellet implants: how does it work?

Hormone pellets are very easy to absorb. They are generally inserted under the skin. The process is extremely quick and absolutely devoid of pain. The body will absorb the hormones very quickly, allowing you to enjoy your day in full charge, without the pitfall of hormonal balances and other issues.

At HormoneLogicMD we specialize in the use of hormones that are exactly like the ones produced naturally in your body. For this reason, we steer clear of synthetic hormones, which might actually cause some adverse effects and other issues. Even other forms of therapy might come with strings attached, in the form of unpleasant adverse effects. On the other hand, hormone pellets are easy and safe to use for all users. Pellet implants last for up to 4-6 months, and they release hormones at a steady pace, to keep your balance at an optimal rate through the day, every day.

What are the benefits?

Men and women can both greatly benefit from bio-identical hormone pellet implants. For instance, female patients can experience relief from symptoms related to menopause like hot flashes and mood swings. Pellet therapy has been linked with a reduction in serious health problems, including diabetes, heart disease, and osteoporosis, among others. Moreover, hormone therapy can also enhance a person’s energy level, and even improve their sex drive and overall vitality, leading to a much more positive mood as well. Hormonal therapy has the potential to make a difference in many areas of one’s life.

Following blood work analysis, it is possible for the professionals at HormoneLogicMD to tailor a specific pellet therapy with in-depth precision, in relation to the needs of each patient.

In other words, you are going to get exactly the treatment that is right for you.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy For Men Wellington

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