How Many Calories Does Sex Really Burn?

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If you’re looking to lose weight and get in shape you can safely say that you can burn more calories in 30 minutes having sex than you can by doing housework, by doing yoga, or even by ballroom dancing. There are 3,500 calories in a single pound of fat. This is important to note, as you can begin to incorporate it as part of your daily fitness regimen for getting in shape aside from eating right and your normal workout routine. But if that’s not enough how can you get even more of a workout from it?

Read on to learn exactly how to achieve your fitness goals by getting more of a workout by having more sex!

Plan your sex routine

That’s right, just like every type of activity like traveling, meetings or hobbies you need to make a plan on having sex. Why? Or else you will get distracted or tired or lazy and it just won’t happen.

Many people feel that sex needs to be spontaneous and carefree to be satisfying but this isn’t the case at all.

Don’t let the idea of being disappointed at the fact that you can’t have spontaneous sex in the middle of your chaotic life put a damper on things. As ‘unsexy’ as it may seem, many couples do well when they plan their sex life ahead of time. And they stay in better shape!

How to Get More of a Workout From Sex  

Once you have your sex routine in place you have your chance to give yourself a great workout!

First off make sure you have plenty of time and privacy. Take time with your partner for plenty of foreplay and invigorating massages. That in itself is a workout as you sculpt strong arms and back muscles.

Now that you’re relaxed, take turns mixing it up by practicing new intense positions that work your arms, legs and abs. These positions can also make you increase your heart rate and respiration.

You will be working up quite a sweat!  

Ride your partner from on top. Then flip him around and then reverse it. In this position, you’re in control and doing all the work for a maximum workout. Depending upon how vigorous your motion is you can get an even more intense workout – or orgasm depending on which goal is more important.

This also helps to isolate specific muscle groups in your abdomen, buttocks and thighs.

Experiment with different positions that also help with your flexibility and make you more limber. Stretching is a huge part of physical fitness too.

As far as calories go researchers estimate that men burn roughly 4.2 calories per minute during sex. So while sex isn’t a total replacement for the gym or other forms of exercise, that doesn’t mean that intercourse doesn’t have substantial health benefits that can provide a healthy work out for your body overall.

Additional Benefits of Having Sex

Aside from burning calories, sex also lowers cholesterol levels, boosts your immunity and improves circulation. The deep breathing and increased heart rate that happens during a 30-minutes session helps increase the flow of blood to your entire body.

It then supplies fresh oxygen, hormones, and nutrients to the brain and other organs. The rate by which waste deposits are removed from your body system is also increased, hence resulting weight loss and prevention of fatigue and major illnesses.

Lastly, you get better sleep after a 30-minutes session of lovemaking. You will sleep more peacefully because of the relaxing afterglow.

So whether you are making love with your partner for the purpose of scorching calories or building intimacy, you are reaping several benefits at the same time.

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